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Newsletter Design

Emailing and newsletter design must take into account the constraints linked to the HTML integration of an email. The development of mobile terminals also leads to a specificity of emailing design. These elements mean that the design of newsletters must be based on a strong UX and UI approach. And in this regard, we're good at it.

360° Email Automation Flow

Creativity, efficiency and reactivity... These are qualities that are very often attributed to us by our clients, to our great satisfaction 🙂

Thanks to their knowledge of the specific constraints of email marketing, our graphic designers provide a template adapted to this communication channel. This allows us to obtain an inbox rendering that is faithful to the original template on the maximum number of devices. For example, for a responsive email - which has become essential with the increasing use of mobile phones as a means of reading emails - the graphic design is thought out from the outset to make it easy to adapt to mobile devices.

Newsletter Design 4 Pillars

UX Design & Mobile first

Impact through Ui Design

Innovate with email kinetic

Pixel-perfect integration

Based on the latest innovations in the sector, our UX experts design your library of wireframes that are 100% customised and adapted to each of your personas. And to take things even further, in line with your editorial charter, we can plug in the best UX writers of the moment to precisely define the editorial tone adapted to your targets' email path.

Coming from a hybrid background: creative direction, art direction, graphic design, Ux design, our Ui designers - in association with our copywriters - design and articulate all wireframes in a totally bespoke way for a unique and striking result, whatever the device - desktop, tablet or mobile.  

Our objective: never to bore your targets by offering them a perfect email design.

Among the latest email trends, we count email kinetic. Like web experiences, kinetic email allows for a real email experience enhanced by your targets: scratch boxes, product carousels, video in-roll, count down, geolocated widgets, etc. Everything becomes possible.

To ensure the perfect display of the designed experiences, whatever the mail client and whatever the device, our integrators carry out the test phases and adjust their lines of code as close to reality as possible. Our objective is to deliver pure code that respects the graphic intentions validated together and your CRM constraints to the pixel.

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