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More about Marketing Automation

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


This process has many advantages (time saving for marketing and sales teams, customer satisfaction, optimal use of large databases...) and many features (reporting, scripting, lead scoring...).

Why and how to use marketing automation?

Marketing automation is part of any efficient inbound marketing strategy. An automation solution brings real time savings in customer relationship management and in conducting an effective lead nurturing strategy. Discover all the advantages of this process, the methodology to apply to achieve success and the support offered by agencies specialized in marketing automation. Discover all the good reasons to use marketing automation software, the differences between it and email marketing, its use in a lead nurturing strategy, and the questions to ask yourself to choose the best digital platform for your situation.

To automate repetitive tasks?

Marketing automation allows you to relieve your sales force of certain repetitive tasks. The software and automation solutions now perform manual reminders, time-consuming and without real added value.

In this way, salespeople and marketers find time to devote to designing and implementing effective marketing strategies, optimizing conversion rates, supporting customers, creating materials...

To send the right message at the right time

Sending the right message at the right time to the right person... it's possible with marketing automation. What is the expected result? Simply a saving of time and energy for sales forces and marketers, as well as a more efficient communication with its targets and a maximization of customer satisfaction.

By using the right triggers, you can precisely time the sending of a welcome message with a specific offer, a thank you message (after an order, participation in an event), a customer satisfaction survey (following an order or the completion of a service...), etc.

Differences with email marketing

There are many differences between email marketing and marketing automation. While email marketing allows a certain degree of personalization, its triggering remains arbitrary. Marketing automation also allows you to prepare your mailings in advance. It is a specific event or trigger that will automatically trigger the sending of the email: birthday, D+n since registration, click on a link, visit of a web page, delay since a last contact... An automation solution also allows you to send emails to your different targets, while personalizing the messages according to the context of the interlocutor and his maturity.

Here is a table presenting the similarities and differences (not exhaustive) between the two web marketing tools.

E-mail marketing

Marketing automation

Sending bulk emails

Sending emails triggered by a registrant action


Progressive enrichment of the base


Creation of web forms


Creation of email sequences


Triggering actions on the site (pop up, personalized messages...)


ROI measurement and attribution


Why call upon ICGX, the go to marketing agency ?

Do you have an automation project? Deploying a marketing automation solution requires specific skills, especially technical ones. From the design of efficient and relevant scenarios to reporting and optimization of your workflows over time, your agency will accompany you throughout the project. Calling on the services of a marketing automation agency in Hong Kong means ensuring that the chosen solution meets your needs, that all good practices are respected during the implementation of the solution and that it can evolve at the pace of your company's growth and your sales.

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