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More about Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of "feeding" prospects with relevant information adapted to their level of knowledge throughout their research in order to guide them to choose a product or solution.


What is the purpose of lead nurturing?

When redesigning a website, the first objective of companies is often to convert more visitors into leads. However, the strategy to convert these leads into customers is not always thought of beforehand. If not all visitors to a website are ready to become prospects, not all prospects are ready to become customers either! However, there is an effective method to help prospects move forward in the buying cycle: lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing allows you to strengthen your relationship with your prospects

It is obvious that not all Internet users who visit a site are ready to make a purchase. On the contrary, the majority of consumers who are considering buying a product or a service start by researching on the web to identify players and select the offer that best meets their needs.

Lead nurturing is an essential step in any inbound marketing strategy, and is an effective method for maintaining a marketing relationship with prospects during this discovery phase and helping them to mature later on. How can we help them? By regularly sending relevant, targeted and contextualized information. The ultimate goal is to be identified as an expert in your industry and of course to stay with the prospect until they are ready to make a decision.

Free sales representatives from repetitive follow-ups

The longer the buying cycle is, the more sales people have to focus on the prospects closest to a decision. Following up on cold leads can be tedious and unproductive for sales forces. Fortunately, thanks to marketing automation, a lead nurturing campaign can be automated in a very efficient way to nurture the link with these contacts.

You can then promote the future conversion of your prospects by submitting quality marketing content to these leads: newsletters, blog articles, white papers, case studies...

Encourage lead nurturing

A web user who is approaching the discovery phase of a problem will initially accumulate information by consuming all kinds of marketing content. If you have properly optimized and referenced your landing pages, the visitor will fill out a form to access premium content and thus be converted into a lead.

The lead nurturing strategy will allow you to go further than the classic outbound marketing techniques by using all the inbound tools (personas, content strategy, conversion path...) to intelligently help your contacts mature until they are ready to choose a product or service.





During this first stage, contacts are looking for information on a new issue. It is still difficult to identify the people whose project has a chance of becoming a reality, and whose profile corresponds to the ideal client.

We will therefore first seek to attract attention and give some leads to solve the problems encountered. Blog posts are an excellent entry point. A white paper adapted to the customer's context will help convert the most interested visitors into leads. We can then schedule a specific emailing campaign or a newsletter.

The leads are now aware of the issues and do in-depth research on the solutions available and the criteria for choice. Each action performed by the registered leads (clicks, visits...) allows to better understand their interests. However, the potential customer is still far from the purchase decision.

The proposed content must guide the prospects throughout the process by giving them a clear idea of the solutions available, while affirming our status as experts. The information disseminated is again adapted: practical guides, white papers, video content, opinion articles...

Leads are ready to choose a solution and a provider. The objective now is to convince them that you have fully understood their needs and that you can meet them most effectively. You now know enough to send him customized emails.

The contents to be privileged at this stage are the customer cases, the trial offers, the demonstration or the personalized studies (audit, analysis of the existing...).

Whatever the stage your prospect is at, keep in mind that the most important thing is not to talk about your product but to put yourself in the prospect's shoes to understand his issues and needs.

Why entrust your lead nurturing strategy to a specialized agency?

A lead nurturing agency has several roles: to help companies choose the technical solution that fits their needs and budget, to design the priority workflows (or quick wins) and the long-term sequences, but also to optimize the scenarios over time to progressively improve the conversion rates. The agency will also help produce and schedule content dedicated to lead nurturing. The goal of these actions is to build a coherent and efficient strategy to make each marketing and sales action "profitable".

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