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Web design or digital communication for the company's image

ICGX implements skills in UX design, web ergonomics, and graphic design so that the graphic rendering of your web pages combines the respect of your values, your brand image, the usability of interfaces, and contributes to the success of your marketing objectives.



The ICGX agency takes care of the visual identity of its customers and integrates it into a methodology of creation and global communication. Your corporate, association or brand image is worked on at different levels in order to offer you a coherent and global visual identity. The agency is also able to realize all types of communication supports necessary to the implementation of a development strategy.

The graphic creation of a web project can only be done once a preliminary design work has been done on the information architecture at the service of your web strategy. It is a matter of determining the marketing promise of the site and the way visitors will interact with the site: the content they will find and the actions they will be able to take.

Based on these objectives and navigation scenarios, we will be able to develop a site map and prototypes (wireframes), i.e. a schematic representation of the interfaces. For this design work, we work according to a mobile first approach in order to anticipate the specific requirements for consulting the web on cell phones or tablets.


The graphic brief allows the designer to take into account your expectations in terms of image.

It is essential at this stage to know on the one hand the image and the messages you want to give but also your expectations or what you have imagined for your new site.

Finally, our designer comes to propose graphic models that synthesize the result of the design work done upstream in graphic form. At this stage, we check the respect of the good practices in terms of ergonomics and accessibility of websites. These mock-ups are the basis of exchanges that can allow the necessary adjustments, then, once validated, are declined for the various templates of the site and used by the developers as a starting point for their intervention.


3 steps to get your branding right

Graphic brief

  • Understand the sector, the target and the product

  • Convey the company's values

  • Translate the message and objectives of the site

Design & creation

  • Prototyping and wireframing

  • Design of mobile-first web graphics

  • Design for user experience: readability, accessibility, information hierarchy...

  • Declinations of the different templates

Declination of a complete identity

  • Creation of logos for the web and brand book

  • Print versions: flyers, leaflets, brochures, posters, cards...

  • Reference documents: annual reports, financial results...

  • POS, kakemonos, promotional objects

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