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Digital Advertising

Use the Internet to make yourself known and/or develop your business

We develop tailor-made growth solutions to improve your visibility, your performance and, above all, your return on investment. All actions are tested (AB testing), tracked (tracking) and analyzed (dashboarding) so you can understand and act.
Mastery of acquisition levers and influence strategies, digital expertise (SEO, Paid Media, RTB, Analytics...) and a hacker approach.



Our team accompanies you in all the stages of your project of organic referencing.

It includes all the techniques implemented to optimize the visibility of your site on search engines. The topics to be covered in your pages, as well as the main and secondary keywords.


SEO also includes netlinking operations (off-site actions) to boost your notoriety on the web. Thanks to this technique, links from several sources will point to your site. These links will indeed reinforce the acquisition of traffic and credibility with search engines, because they will consider that your site is dynamic and that it interests the Internet users. 


Another service that we provide is the implementation of your SEA (Search engine Advertising) which is the advertising done on search engines to attract Internet users and to ensure the loyalty of your customers.

It consists in placing sponsored or commercial links at the top of the first results of search engines, in order to generate more qualified traffic on your site. You can even have the address of your establishments displayed on a map at the top of the Google results.

Google Adwords is certainly the most used SEA tool in the world today.


Why do you want to develop a digital campaign? Is it to increase your turnover? Is it to ensure the acquisition of qualified traffic in order to gain visibility on the net? Do you want to gain notoriety compared to your competitors? Do you want to target a specific market?

A web marketing campaign is not to be carried out randomly, because it must follow an action plan defined taking into account your KPI.


The success of your project depends on the marketing plan you have defined beforehand:

- The competitive analysis,
- The choice of targets,
- The analysis of the traffic of your site and the realization of contents in the various languages of your site (content marketing, multimedia supports, etc),
- The definition of the objectives (sales, reinforcement of your brand image or your notoriety...),
- The determination of the value to propose (services, products, advice, guidance, information, after-sales service...),
- The use of different webmarketing levers (paid referencing by buying keywords, referencing in several languages, content marketing, netlinking, affiliation, emailing...).


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