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EDM Copywritting

Copywriting is not that simple...

Which subject lines get your emails opened? How do you write an SMS notification that triggers action? How do you formulate push notifications that will optimise the usage rate of your mobile application? Our eCRM specialists will help you write powerful email messages with a single objective: to improve the response rate of your actions.

EDM Copywritting Agency

Professionals that ensure relevant and attractive newsletter
Sending a newsletter does not mean that prospects will read its content. This approach requires special skills in terms of writing and presentation to make the message attractive and attractive. We guarantee the writing of adapted emails, capable of achieving great opening rate and profitability.


The assurance of a read newsletter
Through our best practices, the EDM marketing helps the sender to significantly increase the reading of the newsletter. It has skills in writing clear, concise and personalised messages, which ensure that they pass ISP spam filters and enable a lasting relationship of trust to be established with recipients. The main elements worked on are the explicit identification of the sender, the subject of the e-mail, the differentiation of the lexical field used compared to spam and the preview of the content.


Help for a profitable newsletter
The message sent to prospects aims to improve the company's commercial performance, in the form of a positive action to be taken or a deepening of the customer relationship. The emailing agency masters the most effective codes and wording to respond to this marketing issue. It translates the strong points of the offer into fluid, well-crafted and ergonomic content, which responds closely to the target's segmentation elements. The copywriting focuses in particular on the attractiveness of the promise and the intuitive nature of the call-to-action.

EDM Copywriting Pillars

Writing emails and newsletters.

Writing lead acquisition forms and popups.

Writing your marketing automation scenarios.

We write your emailings based on a briefing from your product or market managers.

Good copywriting of your messages on inbound marketing channels is the best way to improve your lead acquisition rates. And start the eCRM dialogue in the best possible way.

Whether it's your welcome programme, your product recommendation programme or your post-purchase cycle, we write your messages on all channels, from email to mobile notification to SMS.

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