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EDM Marketing Audit

Building a long-term strategy with you.

It is difficult to take a step back from our own practices. That's why it's sometimes a good idea to call on an outside person who will have the opportunity to look at your way of operating, thinking and producing.

360° EDM Marketing Audit

  • Performances:
    Email opens, clicks, unsubscribes, dissatisfactions, conversions, ...

  • Deliverability:
    Seedlist tests, technical architecture, reputation, domain name usage, ...

  • Audience:
    Database segmentation and organisation, data exchanges, collection methods, targeting, ...

  • Organisation:
    Sending schedule, team organisation, optimisation methodologies, production tools, campaign management tools, ...

  • Marketing automation:
    Scripting logic, performance, missing scripts, ...

  • Content:
    Message typologies, information hierarchy, writing, ergonomics, HTML code quality, ...

EDM Marketing Audit in 4 Steps





Respective introductions, understanding of the industry and context, expectations of the email audit and planning of interviews.

We listen to each member of your team to fully understand their issues, their way of doing things and their obstacles.

Access to your EDM Marketing tool and/or campaign statistics and/or your sending schedule.

Drafting of the emailing audit (list of points to be optimised and maintained) and proposal of a roadmap (list of actions to be taken in order to achieve your objectives). Feedback meeting.

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