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Automation Email & Flow

Our team of specialists is able to manage all eCRM channels and the synchronisation of data between your information systems and your campaign management platform. We're big on marketing automation!

360° Email Automation Flow

Did you know that welcome messages can get an open rate up to 4x higher than a classic campaign?

Automated emails, triggered by an event or a behavior of your contacts, generate very high conversion rates. This is why we recommend, in addition to your newsletters and classic email marketing campaigns, the implementation of automated campaigns.

This translates into the implementation of scenarios or workflows, with the sending of cyclical and personalized messages according to the information known about your contacts (date of registration, birthday or last purchase, pages viewed on your website). The data required to trigger the different stages of the scenario can be transmitted via an API or via regular exports.

Automation marketing 6 steps







This analysis will allow us to set up a complete deployment plan that will integrate all project dependencies. At the end of this analysis, we will be able to establish a concrete schedule and estimate the duration of the different phases of the marketing automation deployment.

Without data, it is not possible to deploy your marketing programmes. This is therefore a crucial step to ensure that all triggers, automations and campaigns you plan to use can be effectively deployed.

In parallel with data management, the various templates and messages need to be designed to be ready for use.

This is the most important step in your deployment. The campaign scenarios for the different channels will be configured in your campaign management tool by our eCRM specialists.

The testing of the different deployments is the right time to train your teams. This will allow you to present the developments that have been made and to make any final adjustments to them.

Gradually, the different programs are put into production. We carry out monitoring to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Especially with regard to monitoring the deliverability of your emails during the warmup phase.

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