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4 areas of expertise to enhance your image and performance

EDM Marketing has been accompanying its clients on the entire digital value chain.

We analyze your existing data to define a customized digital strategy adapted to your needs.

We manage the operational deployment with an optimized tracking management.

We guarantee the creation of a unique graphic identity corresponding to your brand image (UX or user experience, navigability, css, color code, design...), and transmitting your marketing promise to your target while respecting your corporate values.

From the design of your personas to the development of your content strategy, we deliver the information your prospects need to turn them into customers (white paper, infographic, tutorial, case study) and help you prioritize the best leads (lead nurturing, scoring...).

We can accompany you on many levers thanks to our internal expertise on traffic acquisition. Committed to providing you with quality advice, our experts intervene on many digital axes such as the improvement of natural referencing (SEO) or paid referencing (SEM).

We are well versed in the best practices of marketing automation and email marketing and offer a turnkey service, from the development of the message to the optimization of the performance of your campaigns through A/B testing, until the delivery of detailed reporting.

We make digital beautiful

How to set up a good web marketing strategy?

A good web marketing strategy allows you to position yourself as a leader in your market. It strengthens your reputation on the web and contribute to develop your sales. However, its implementation is not easy and requires the intervention of professional like us. We intervene from the design of the site to the seo optimization through the CRO operations to ensure the acquisition of traffic to your site.


We work methodically, and we will define a global plan of your project at first. We will then set your objectives and determine your needs. We will also study your sector of activity, the intensity of the competition, the behavior of the buyers according to your products. The marketing strategy to be implemented will then include advertising campaigns, personalization of offers, customer loyalty. The widgets, the different functionalities of your site or even its redesign are all factors to take into account for its success.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

We worked with them


Asia Yacht Services

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HK Butler


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Catering HK


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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

The key elements of our success

A unique and central project manager, whatever the job, advises and assists you from the design of the site to its online launch.


A strict and rigorous project management : each phase being conditioned by the validation of the previous one, we define and respect the processes and deadlines you have set.


The webmarketing, design and technical teams work in close collaboration throughout the project


My Yacht Moments

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Decathlon HK



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Delta Marina

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