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  • For our experience and expertise in email marketing.
    We have experienced and qualified professionals in this field, who can help you design effective campaigns.
  • To save time
    Outsourcing your email communication will allow you to concentrate on your core business, while we take care of the design and management of your campaigns.
  • Save money.
    We use the right tools to maximize your return on investment. And by saving you time, you save money too.
  • To benefit from innovation.
    We're constantly evolving and monitoring the latest developments. So we can offer you innovative solutions to set you apart from your competitors.

The high-performance email marketing agency

As if you had an in-house CRM team, our agency creates your EDM strategy month after month.
We commit to create creative emails designed to contribute to 30% of your revenues.


Convert your prospects &
Retain your customers.

A well thought-out email strategy will keep your audience engaged throughout the year.

You'll be able to convert your prospects into customers, and retain your existing customers (and more if you like...).

We combine copywriting & branding to convert your audience, with world-class, punchy and creative emails.

Save time,
Optimize your performance

In email marketing, testing is the best way to optimize performance and adapt to the market.

EDM Marketing supports you in the deployment of your strategy, as well as in the optimization of flows and campaigns.

Working with us frees up your time to better manage your business, with the peace of mind of knowing your email marketing is (very) well managed.

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