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Email Campaign Management 

We allow you to outsource all your needs in terms of email marketing strategy, deployment and production. Our aim is to be an extension of your marketing department, at the service of your business. And therefore, leave the management of your email and/or eCRM campaigns to us...

360° Email Campaign Management

Campaign management involves several steps: maintaining the hygiene of the recipient base, integration of personalization and tracking elements, unsubscribe link, rendering tests, A/B tests, sending of proofs.

The implementation of well thought-out multi-channel campaigns, combining emailing and SMS marketing campaigns can be very effective.

The success of a campaign is largely based on deliverability, i.e. the arrival of your message in the inbox, without blocking or spamming. It is based on the reputation of the sender, the commitment of the base, the quality and frequency of the messages.

Outsourcing and management of email campaigns
3 different packages:




We adapt to the situation by bringing our expertise where you need it.
A project manager will be responsible for liaising with your eCRM team on the issues you choose to outsource. This could be just the message writing, HTML integration, deliverability monitoring...

We manage all your email marketing and eCRM needs.
Your project manager will have the role of an eCRM manager for your company. He will be in charge of coordinating the strategy, respecting the budget and the production schedule. Every week or month, he will give you a full report on the results of the different campaigns implemented and the planning of the next cycle.

We can provide you with resources for a specific period.
In some cases, you need to outsource part of your resources because an important project requires extra manpower or you are facing a vacancy.
In this case, EDM Marketing can provide you with resources for a specific period of time to meet your needs.

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